Newsletter – March 2018


I returned recently from another excellent voyage to the Antarctic Peninsula.  Despite unusually high temperatures (the sea temperature was up to 4ºc instead of the usual 1º or so) we found some good powder snow skiing high up, and coped stoically with the sea level slush.  Mark Dravers, Chris Watts and I climbed the spectacular Mt Luigi de Savoia – my third attempt on the peak.  It was also good to visit new places, such as the steaming volcanic caldera of Deception Island and the stunning mountains of Anvers Island.  So we have lots of potential new ski tours lined up for January 2019.  And, as usual, Pelagic Australis welcomes non-skiers who would just like to enjoy yacht cruising with a small group (total of around twelve on board) amongst some of the most spectacular scenery and wildlife on earth. 
Pelagic Australis anchored in the volcanic caldera of Deception Island
Chris Watts and Mark Dravers on Mt Luigi de Savoia.  Stephen projected onto the Brocken Spectre.
Before that, during the austral spring, Skip Novak and I are leading another South Georgia expedition, sailing from the Falklands on 8th September  2019.  We already have some climbers and a land artist signed up for the trip.  As with the Peninsula trip, this one is not just for experienced ski mountaineers.  Anyone with spirit of adventure and modicum of fitness is welcome!
SG2016.194.StAndrews.Kings.Brook er&Kling.LOW©SVenables copy.jpeg
A few of the 300,000 king penguins in St Andrew’s Bay, South Georgia
Since returning from Antarctica I have been quite busy with talks around Britain and Ireland.  Unfortunately our spring return to Spain meant that Rosie and I missed all the wonderful recent snow.  But, having foregone snow, we are looking forward to an Easter trip getting to know a new bit of Andalucia – the Sierra de Segura.  
I also have speaking engagements coming up in New England in April (details on the website) and with the Hong Kong Royal Geographical Society and Korean Alpine Club in June.  The latter is particularly exciting, as it will be a chance to see our son Edmond, who is working in Seoul, and – I hope – join him on some of those magnificent Korean granite cliffs.
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