all books are signed by Stephen


V009 – Eric Shipton – The Six Mountain Travel Books. Bâton Wicks 2011. ISBN 978-1 898573-8-4
Special Offer Price £15.99 (p&p £4.50)

Classic travel books by one of the twentieth century’s greatest mountain explorers, in a new paperback omnibus with a new Foreword by Stephen Venables:Here is a man who dared to follow his dreams and whose sense of enchantment sparkles from every page of unadorned prose. The Six Mountain Travel Books assembles all his early narratives into a single affordable volume, complete with well-captioned photos, additional articles, clear maps, pertinent appendices and an eloquent Introduction by Jim Perrin. It remains a treasured and constantly rejuvenating source of inspiration rejuvenating source of inspiration. 

towerjktlargeSV010 – Steve Bartlett – Desert Towers – A Hundred Years of Adventures on the Sandstone Towers of the Colorado Plateau.  Sharp End Publishing 2010ISBN 978-1892540706.
£40.00 (p&p £6.00)
In this meticulously researched, stunningly illustrated labour of love, ‘Crusher’ Bartlett  chronicles America’s answer to the Old Man of Hoy – the dazzling red sandstone towers that rise from the desert country on the
borders of Colorado, Utah and Arizona. This is a lavish book: 350 pages packed with beautifully reproduced photographs that  evoke the special magic of the desert. Add to that the witty, authoritative, discursive narrative by an author who is himself a great desert pioneer, and you have the kind of book you will want to dip into time and time again.

eaglejkt_medSV001-  Higher than the Eagle Soars.  Arrow 2008.  ISBN 978-0099505440 –  Paperback
£8.99 (p&p £3.00)
‘There were many early adventures I wanted to revisit, so it was a huge pleasure to write this autobiography, ranging from  Scotland, to the North Face of the Eiger, to Kashmir, Tibet, the Andes and Africa, finishing with our great Everest epic of 1988. I was thrilled when the book won the Mountain Literature Prize  at the Banff International Mountain Festival.

Sparkles with iridescence and immediacy. Boardman-Tasker judges.  The story of his descent after a night spent near the top  [of Everest] is both harrowing and deeply moving. Sunday Times.

SV002 – A Slender Thread.  Arrow 2001. ISBN 978-0099279068 – Paperback
£9.99  (p&p £3.00)

The story of the ill-fated Panch Chuli expedition, when a failed  abseil anchor sent Stephen plummeting 300 feet down a mountainside. He survived, but with two broken legs, stranded at  6,000 metres on a remote Himalayan peak. Luckily he was with  some of the world’s finest mountaineers, including Chris Bonington.

Powerful dramatic writing.  Daily Telegraph.

A novelist’s eye for dramatic punch. Observer.


olliejacketSV003 – Ollie.  Hutchinson 2006.  ISBN 978-0091800253 – Hardback
£9.99 (p&p £3.00)
A different kind of journey, celebrated in this sad, funny,  moving portrait of Stephen’s eldest son Ollie, who had autism
and leukaemia and who died, aged twelve, from a brain tumour.

Although available in paperback, this is the original hardback
which was a Sunday Times bestseller.

A deeply moving story … a celebration of a joyful life. Observer.  A story of great courage and love. Daily Mail.  Extraordinary and inspirational. Good Books Guide.


firstascent_200SV004 –  First Ascent.  Cassell Illustrated 2008. ISBN 978-1844035960 – Hardback
£25.00 (p&p £6.00)
A sumptuous, beautifully designed history of mountaineering, from Moses to Messner, including some of the finest mountain  photos ever taken. It was commissioned by Cassell after the sellout success of Meetings with Mountains. A colourful and impressionistic sprint through the history of mountaineering. Venables is a great public communicator [but] can also be delightfully subversive … engagingly mocking about both himself and the project. Ed Douglas, Climber Magazine.

evkangjktSV005 –  Everest Kangshung Face. Hodder & Stoughton 1989.  ISBN 978-0330315593 – Hardback
£35.00 (p&p £3.00)
This classic account of the 1988 Anglo-American expedition – the  smallest team ever to climb a hard new route on Everest, and without oxygen – has appeared in numerous editions. There are still a few copies left of this beautifully produced hardback first  edition. Although second hand, these collectible books are in near perfect condition, with brand new original dust jackets.
Above all he has rendered the mountaineer, that emblematic figure playing for the ultimate stakes into an accessible  empathetic figure. Sunday Times.

everestsumoachSV006 – Everest – Summit of Achievement.  Bloomsbury 2013. ISBN 978-1408841983 – Hardback
£35.00 (p&p £6.00)
The ultimate Everest coffee table book, produced from the archives of the Royal Geographical Society, now re-issued to mark the 60th anniversary of the first ascent. Lavishly illustrated with many previously unpublished photos including the first ever taken of Everest. Authors include Ed Douglas, John Keay and Tashi Tenzing, with Stephen Venables as general editor.

 islandjkt_200SV007 –  Island at the Edge of the World. Odyssey Books 2010ISBN 978-0340556009 – Paperback
£16.99 (p&p £3.00)
A beautiful new edition of this classic account of mountain
exploration on the sub-Antarctic island of South Georgia, is now  re-published with updated history, a whole new chapter on the Shackleton Traverse, and 16 more pages of stunning colour pictures from Stephen’s 2000 and 2008 expeditions.



HimAlpStylejkt_250SV008 – Himalaya Alpine Style, (joint author Andy Fanshawe)Bâton Wicks 2010 – Hardback. ISBN 978-0906371251
£30.00 (p&p £6.00)
The Himalayan climber’s ‘bible’ has had a huge influence on recent developments on the world’s highest peaks. Detailed history of cutting-edge pioneering on 40 great Himayan summits. Sumptuously illustrated with photos from the world’s top climbers, this lavish hardback is now in its third English edition.