07.01.2016 – Back in Puerto Williams

Strange to be back in Puerto Williams and seeing Charlie Porter’s Gondwana moored out in the bay. Last time I was here, almost twenty years ago, I was heading to Monte Sarmiento with Charlie, Jim Wickwire, John Roskelley and Tim Macartney-Snape.

2016_01_07_dinghiesBizarre, also, to see the local teenagers out playing in their dinghies, while the port outside is closed and we are delaying our departure for Antarctica because of a big blow in Drake Passage.  The beautiful 1930s oak fishing boat in the foreground is Arved Fuchs’ Dagmar Aaen.

2016_01_07_puertowilliamsChung Kin Man ‘s skis, meanwhile, are believed to be in Santiago and his boots in Istanbul. But kind Darrell in Ushuaia is lending some replacements which will come over the Beagle Channel tomorrow if the port is opened. (Any veterans of the Empire Strikes Back, Jade Venture, Shishapangma East Face expedition of 1987 will remember Chung).

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