Stephen wrote the synopsis of his first book whilst staying with friends in Mumbai, on the way home from the Himalaya, in 1985. A year later the result, Painted Mountains, was published by Hodder & Stoughton and won the prestigious Boardman Tasker Prize for mountain literature.

Stephen has since written ten more books. Everest – Alone at the Summit and A Slender Thread were both runners up for the Boardman Tasker Prize. Himalaya Alpine Style won the Grand Award at Banff International Mountain Festival and Everest – Summit of Achievement won the King Albert Award.

This is what some of the critics had to say about A Slender Thread. ‘Powerful dramatic writing … one of the best mountaineering books to have been published for a very long while’ (Daily Telegraph). ‘Outstanding’ (Climber magazine). Venables writes with elegance, conjuring up vividly and honestly his companions [with] an acute awareness of the environment through which he travels’ (Observer).


In 2006 Stephen published two new books. Meetings with Mountains is a sumptuous illustrated collection of stories from around the world.  The other book only touched briefly on the mountains, as background to the story of Stephen’s elder son, who became autistic at two and died at twelve from a brain tumour. When it came out in hardback Ollie made the Sunday Times bestseller list and promises to do even better in paperback. Now he has published his long-awaited autobiography, Higher than the Eagle Soars – A Path to Everest, telling the story of all his early adventures, finishing on the summit of Everest.

Stephen’s new book, First Ascent, featured recently in this Climber magazine feature by Ed Douglas. Click to download pdf of articleSept08 Climber pg.28-31


Full booklist

lostmountainsjkt_medPainted Mountains Hodder & Stoughton 1986
ISBN-10:0340396083 ISBN-13:978-0898861365
Republished as American paperback: Lost Mountains Adrenaline 2001 
1560253738 ISBN-13:978-1560253730




evkangjktEverest Kangshung Face Hodder & Stoughton 1989 
0340423668.  ISBN-13:978-0330315593
Paperback Pan 1991 
0330315595 ISBN-13:978-0330315593

Republished as:
Everest Alone at the Summit Odyssey Books 1996 
ISBN-10:0952937506. ISBN-13:978-0952937500

American edition
 Adrenaline 2000 
ISBN-10:1560252898. ISBN-13:978-1560252894

islandjkt_medIsland at the Edge of the World Hodder & Stoughton 1991 
0340556005 ISBN-13:978-0340556009
Paperback Warner Books 1992 
0751500399. ISBN-13:978-0751500394




mformjkt_medM for Mountains Piccolo 1993 
0330328999 ISBN-13:978-0330328999





HimAlpStylejkt_250 Himalaya Alpine Style (joint author Andy Fanshawe) Diadem 1995 
0906371252  ISBN-13:978-0906371251
Second edition Batôn Wicks 1999 
1898573395  ISBN-13:978-1898573395

America edition Mountaineers 1996 
0898864569. ISBN-13:978-0898864564

Himalaya – Magic Lines (German) Bergverlag Rother 1995 
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Himalaya en Style Alpin (French) Arthaud 1996 ISBN-10:2700310748
Himalaya en Stile Alpino (Italian) Vallardi I.G 1996 ISBN-10: 8876962336
Himalaya Alpine Style (Japanese) 1996 ISBN-10:0906371252

threadjkt_200A Slender Thread Hutchinson 2000 
0091801273 ISBN-13:978-0091801274

Paperback Arrow 2001 
ISBN-10:0099279061 ISBN-13:978-0099279068

American edition Adrenaline 2000 
ISBN-10:1560252987 ISBN-13:978-1560252986


totopjkt_medEverest – To the Top Walker Books 2003 
978-0744586626   Papererback Walker Books 2004 



everestsumoach_medEverest – Summit of Achievement Bloomsbury 2003 
0747562237 ISBN-13:978-0747562238

German edition: 
Ev. – Die Geschichte Seiner Erkundung Frederking & Thaler 2003
ISBN-10:3894054654 ISBN-13:978-3894054656

SV006 – Everest – Summit of Achievement, Bloomsbury 2013
ISBN 978-1408841983 – Hardback

olliejacket_medOllie Hutchinson 2006 
0091800250 ISBN-13:978-0091800253Paperback Arrow 2007 
009947879X ISBN-13:978-0099478799




meetingsjktMeetings with Mountains Cassell Illustrated 2006 
1844034496 ISBN-13:978-1844034499

Voices from the Mountains Reader’s Digest 2006
ISBN-10:076210810X ISBN-13:978-0762108107

German edition:
Bis ans Limit
 Bruckmann Verlag GmbH 2007
ISBN-10: 3765448192 ISBN-13: 978-3765448195

Spanish edition:
Encuentros con las Montañas 
Blume 2007
ISBN-10: 848076726X ISBN-13: 978-8480767272

eaglejkt_medHigher than the Eagle Soars Hutchinson 2007
ISBN-10:0091795613 ISBN-13: 978-0091795610

PaperbackArrow 2008
ISBN-10: 0099505444 ISBN-13: 978-0099505440



firstascent_200First Ascent Cassell Illustrated 2008
ISBN-10: 1844035964 ISBN-13: 978-1844035960

American edition Firefly Books 2008
ISBN-10: 1554074037 ISBN-13: 978-1554074037

German edition:
Legendäre Erstbesteigungen: Die Eroberung der spektakulärsten Gipfel
Bruckmann Verlag GmbH 2009
ISBN-10: 3765453609 ISBN-13: 978-3765453601

Dutch edition:
De Top Bereikt: pioneers in de bergen
ISBN-13: 978-9059472655